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Postitatud: Laupäev 24. November 2007, 03:00:11
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Sorry for writing in English.

I've been tracking down my grandfather, John Anson, and finally found his family page here:

http://www.eha.ee/saaga/views/pdf.php?p ... 0002_m.png

It turned out he was born Juhan Hansen (despite the name listed as "Hanson" in the above document). I've found his birth entry pages in the Karja section of the saaga site, and I found his father's and brothers and sisters birth entries as well. The Personaalraamat documents are poor for the kogudus - any ideas on researching further back ?

I'm also interested in searching forward to see if there are any descendants of my grandfather's brothers and sisters. My grandfather moved to Canada in 1910. From the above document it looks like his sister Miina married in New York in 1911. I also know that his brother August was a witness at Juhan/John's 1922 first wedding. But that leaves 4 others.

It's a long story but before a few days ago I didn't know my grandfather's birth name or if he had any brothers or sisters.

Postitatud: Teisipäev 04. Detsember 2007, 18:38:12
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A followup ...

I did find the Karja page on my family here:

http://www.eha.ee/saaga/fondid.php?path ... 0&curr=167

I only saw "Ann" under Hansen - I didn't realise that the family memebers could appear elsewhere on the page - particularly on the left hand side.

I have found other pages with some details on what is on this page, but since the Saage site doesn't have much information before 1832, it is difficult to add more infrom,ation. If anyone has ideas, I would appreciate it.

In trying to find any living relatives, from my grandfather's brothers and sisters, I found some things out.

My grandfather came to Canada with two brothers who never married - one one August and the other was either Kaarel or Alexander.

From a 1959 census, one brother, Joosef, was still living in Saaremaa, but there were no other relatives living with him.

Marie - born in 1876, has a notation in her birth record:

http://www.eha.ee/saaga/fondid.php?path ... 24&curr=32

I had it translated and he thinks it says Marie Vali (nee Anson) changed her first name to Hilja

Joosef's census record also states his last name to Anson ... so my grandfather (Juhan), Joosep and Marie all have their last name changed to Anson at some point. August was a witness at Juhan's first wedding and it has his last name as Anson too.

Miina also has an unusual entry here:

http://www.eha.ee/saaga/fondid.php?path ... 63&curr=65

It has a death entry crossed out. I guess she got better ! :)
But I don't know what to make out of this St.Petersburgh death entry.