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Tere !

Ma ei räägi eesti keelt vaga hasti.

I was searching for last names in my family tree. I was looking for "Vassikas" and found two news articles that mention Kaarel and his wife Mari with their children. I previously knew about the children and I could read just a little bit since my Estonian is not strong. I understood that Kaarel died, Mari had their last name changed to Heinlaid and that one son, Rein, became a newpaper journalist who died in Siberia. I think I read that one of his brothers became a flight instructor, another a police officer and two brothers went in the German army.

Kaarel is my 2nd cousin. Can somebody translate the two articles for me ? ... artid=4249 ... =12&sec=13

Suur tanu !
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Hi Peter,
Marie Peäske is my 6th cousin (once removed). I will translate these articles for you, hopefully it will be possible to find time for that in near future. Probably I have your e-mail address? Merry Christmas and thanks for a useful hint!
Mart Varvas
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Re: Translation

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Tere Peter.I know this family and i think theys name was Vassik not Vassikas.Marie was cousine to my mother.She lived in Suurna too and she knew well Rein Heinlaid -born Reinhold Vassik.They chansed theys name later to Heinlaid.I have few photographs from them-theys family and children jne.And sorry about my poor english.Tervitab Kalle Lepp

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