Family Kellimees or Kellimas, Källümees, Kellimes, Kellimais

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Family Kellimees or Kellimas, Källümees, Kellimes, Kellimais

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Who can help me to find out more about the famly Kellimees?
They lived in the county Vorumaa in the parish of Rouge the commune of Vana-Roosa.
Later they moved to Lugazi in 1866.
Liis Källümees (Kellimas), Hinto´s daughter, born on May 14, 1807
her son Peter born on February 22, 1838, his son Jacob, born on November 10, 1869
Peter´s wife Katr, Jaan Hordo´s daughter, born on February 18, 1842
their son Juhhan, born on July 4, 1865
Jaan Kellimas, Hinto´s son, born on February 25, 1812; taken into the army 1831
Tomas kelimas, Jakkub´s son, born on January 14, 1793
his wife Ann, Tikkota Hinto´s daughter, born on January, 1798
heir son Peter born 1817
his wife An, Sarepeetre Mihkli Walge´s daughter, born on September 12, 1817

Can anybody give me more information about the family or the surnames?
Do anybody know if the surname exits in Estonia?

many thanks for the help
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I assume, that I know some persons who carry surnames almost like that but what is your intrest in them, why you are looking for them? - you can write to me

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