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Vana-Tänassilma manor, Raudseppa farm

Postitatud: Pühapäev 18. Detsember 2011, 23:45:12
Postitas Miralda
I was wondering if anyone has more information about the Vana-Tänassilma manor?
I know my great grandfather was born in this region. And his father owned or rented part of
the farmstead Raudseppa. Has anyone heard of that place?

Maybe someone else has connections to Tänassilma.. or photos of the surroundings?

Re: Vana-Tänassilma manor, Raudseppa farm

Postitatud: Esmaspäev 19. Detsember 2011, 13:53:12
Postitas arkin
I guess the place you're looking for can be here on old cadastral map. Also today’s picture from the air. Raudsepa (nom. Raudsepp) is not very original name however, meaning blacksmith. Similar spots may exist.