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Postitatud: Laupäev 26. Oktoober 2013, 22:57:10
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Tere ! Kahjuks ma raagin eesti keely ainult natukene

The daughter (Kai) of my 6*gear grandfather (Juhkame Hans from Mihkli Parnumaa) married Koidama Jurri's son Andrus (from Lihula ) in 1739:

http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA. ... 7,584,82,0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I found the Koidama farm in the 1782 Soul Revision List:

http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1864.2.IV-9:503" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Koidama Peter is too old to be Kai and Andrus son,. but Koidama Ado might be. I found more information in the 1795 Soul Revision List but before I do too mcuh work I wanted to try and find Koidama Ado's birth in Saaga. Lihula records only start in 1834 in Saaga - would these records appear in a different Kogudus ?

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Postitatud: Laupäev 02. November 2013, 17:56:11
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Koidama farm 1774 Saaga EAA.1244.1.23:4

Ado *06.08.1746

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Postitatud: Teisipäev 05. November 2013, 19:38:11
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Suur aitah !