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Geni Pro

Postitatud: Neljapäev 22. Detsember 2011, 21:54:12
Postitas Miralda
Is Geni Pro worth the money? Or what kind of internet-service do you think is the best?

I wish there was a way to pay month by month on Geni, because sometimes I use it more and sometimes I use it less...
To bad you have to sign up for a 1 year subscription.. :S

But is it the best forum where most people register their relatives in Estonia? As opposed to Ancestry.com or something similar..

Re: Geni Pro

Postitatud: Esmaspäev 04. Jaanuar 2016, 23:36:01
Postitas gecube
Good day!

I faced with such problem too. Geni Pro worth its money because it gives ability to look through all profiles on site. It may be helpful when information about your predecessors was added by someone else. Also it is very pity that there are no chance to pay subscription on montly basis. Because I use it too from time to time. The only way to use Geni Pro for free is using 'trial' period. But to do it one need to register each time new account. It is capitalism in action (((((