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Hansson family in Väike-Maarja - Help to read...

Postitatud: Teisipäev 10. Juuli 2007, 18:03:07
Postitas AnnaC

I would be grateful if someone could help me read in the SAAGA database:

1232-1-233.kaader111 Family Hansson

Hans Hansson *1820-12-17 Perst
Leno *1826-12-21 Perst

Annus *1850-04-28 i Perst
Leno *1853-10-18 i Perst
Jaan *1855-10-06 i Perst
Hans *1858-07-19 i Perst
Ann *1866-02-15 i Perst

It seems like they have moved. Where did they move?
I am specially interested in Hans, Leno and Ann.

Best Regards,

Anna Carlsson

Postitatud: Neljapäev 19. Juuli 2007, 21:18:07
Postitas helene
Hallo Anna
I am specially interested in Hans, Leno and Ann
I think Hans moved to St. Cath. in 1888
Leno married 1874 Jürri Tetting on page 338
An moved to Joach thl

They seem to have moved to different places

St. Cath is probably Kadrina today
Joachimthal I don't know

Best regards

Postitatud: Reede 20. Juuli 2007, 21:12:07
Postitas mlauri
Joachimstahl is Joaorg in Vaivara parish (near Narva)
Hans (born in 1858) moved in 86 Hagil. (may be Haggud or in Estonian Hagudi)?

Thank you so much for the replies!

Postitatud: Laupäev 21. Juuli 2007, 15:42:07
Postitas AnnaC
I am very grateful for your help. :D

Best Regards,