otsin pere FLUS (Fluss), Tappo

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otsin pere FLUS (Fluss), Tappo

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Hello. My name is Olesya Flus, im looking for history of my family, cause we dont know about it, almost nothing. My grandfather was named EVALD FLUS, his father was ALFRED FLUS.

About my great-grandfather Alfred we know almost nothing. Only that he was second husband of my great-grandmother Emma Tappo, they lived together a little time (in that times was born my grandfather Evald Alfredovich, in 1936). My grandfather Evald was born in selo Balay, Krasnoyarsk region in Russia, Syberia, Emma y Evald were lived there (but i know that before family of my grandmother, her parents, were lived in Estonia, about Alfred i dont know). When begun a Second World War, Alfred was putted under arrest, we dont know why, and was worked in one smithy, i know that he had a problems with a health, something with his legs. Then he is dissapeared, we dont know nothing more, goverment said to my graet-grandmother Emma that Alfred was died, but she didnt see his body. For this we supposed that maybe it was no truth. You know in that times goverment in Soviet Union was very strong and sometimes dangerous. A lot of emmigrants (like estonians) in USSR were changed his names and surnames for dont have problems with goverment and people, for example the half-brother of my granfather was KArl, and now he is Nikolay, and nobody can meet him if he want to looking for Karl, because all his documents were changed. And the same story about parents of my great-grandmother EmmaTappo, cause she only know that her father is called Ivan, but its no real name, its only name in Russia. the same story about our Alfred, cause in documents he is Alfred Daniilovich, but Daniil its russian name, im not sure that the father of Alfred was called Danila, i supposed that he had other name before. That is all i know. I will be very glad if you write me something that you know about this family.

thank you

Olesya Flus


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