Tartu - Subbota && Stamm

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Tartu - Subbota && Stamm

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I am newbie on this forum. Sorry for my mistakes! And I also know English not good.

I try to find my far relatives in Estonia.

My great grandfather was Subbota Ilia Nikita - 1882-1961. He had two brother - Nikolay Nikita 1896-1987 and Naum Nikita 1882-?

I know that they lived in Estonia, Tartu && Tallin.

Nikolay Nikita Subbota changed his surname to "Sillat". He had two wifes - Rosalie (Roosi) Sillat 1902-1965 and Tatjana.

I don't know about his descendants. I had two images about him, but I understand not all information in them.

First is about his military service in Estonia. As I see, he was "leitnant". And in 1936 he changes his surname to Sillat.

Second brother is Naum Nikita Subbota. I has his photo. He was officer in Russia (white army) and in Estonia too.

His wife was Hedwiga (Jadviga) Subbota (Stamm) 1886 - ?. I have documents about her and her father house. I know address of it.

They had son Nikolay Naum Subbota-Subbotin-Sillat 1911-1987 ( http://russianestonia.eu/index.php?titl ... 0%B8%D1%87 )

I think that last years of his life he was in Germany. I found that he translated books of different authors.

That is about all that I know. I can attach documents about them, but I am not exactly sure about rules of this forum.

Could anyone help me in this research? I really want to find my relatives in Estonia, but in not home country it is really not easy.

For example, I found two houses, that are exist in Tartu and Tallin, and in 1900-1925 that were houses of my family. May be descendants live in that houses right now, but I don't know how to call them! May be someone can help me in this trouble...

Thank you for reading this post!

Best regards,
Anton Subbota

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