For more information about Nikolai Bekman

Perekonna ajaloo alased küsimused ja vastused, mis ei sobi geograafiliste või olemasolevate temaatiliste foorumite alla
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For more information about Nikolai Bekman

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I am looking for information on my relatives Catherine Backman born 05/14/1870 and her son Nikolai Bäckman 28/12/1896 at Vormsi :!: :wink:
Suspect it is the same person
I found this new

What can be said about it here ... %253D%253D ... c631b959ec

When I search on Nikolai bekman, I get a result and when I search on his last name so I get the name that he shall have switched to
Could he have changed names and where has he settled ... mi=nikolai

And here in the newspaper mentioned he can tell us about what it's all about ... 50403.2.33

Hope someone can come up with info about what happened then and where he took the road

Kirsti Ervola
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Re: For more information about Nikolai Bekman

Postitus Postitas Kirsti Ervola »

The first two links lead to an army conscription list. Nikolai Beckman was enrolled to the russian army in 1915.

Third link leads to the Estonian Biographical Index. To see the document You found, You have to register yourself as an user: (You can switch to an english version).

The newspaper Päewaleht 3.4.1917 has a newslist of wounded or fallen soldiers. Lipnik (a younger officer, ensign) Nikolai Bekman is mentioned as wounded.

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Re: For more information about Nikolai Bekman

Postitus Postitas müürisepp »

Nikolai has been registered as a resident of Vormsi parish but his actual address was not known (ne võjasneno). He had no privileges (lgotõ net), he was the only member of family (odinotshka), I suppose that his mother was dead. He was not taken to the army in Läänemaa (the blank space instead of numbers and Russian word prinjat).
I suppose he didn't live in Tallinn nor Tartu also, otherwise his name would have been indexed already.
Maybe he was a sailor or lived somewhere in Russia or abroad.


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