Please help!

Perekonna ajaloo alased küsimused ja vastused, mis ei sobi geograafiliste või olemasolevate temaatiliste foorumite alla
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Please help!

Postitus Postitas voldemar110 » Kolmapäev 22. Veebruar 2012, 17:08:02

If it will be possibly, I will ask You to answer to my question in English, cause I just started to learn Estonian.
I kindly ask You to answer to such question: my great grandfather Tomingas Juhan (Томингас Юган Гансович)was exiled from Estonia aprox. at 1940 (maybe earlier) in Siberia (Omskaja area, Tsvetnopole village). There in 1941 was born my grandfather Tomingas Viktor (Томингас Виктор Юганович). My great grandfather was 27 years old at this time (according to the registrar of Omsk). From all this I conclude that my great grandfather was born about at 1914. The main problem is I do not know the place and place of his life in Estonia.

It is obtained:
my great grandfather Томингас Юган Гансович (his father Томингас Ганс) think that it is the original writing Tomingas Juhan (his father Tomingas Hans)
aprox. 1914 year of birth
Aprox. Exiled 1939 – 1940 (maibe earlier)

Is it possibly to get any certificate or document borning or living of my great grandfather Tomingas Juhan? Where must I go, have a look? How to optimize my search? There are so much sources on the Web.
I kindly ask to help me!
thank you in advance for any help!!!

на всякий случай, то же самое, только на русском:

У меня такой вопрос: Мой прадед Томингас Юган Гансович был сослан из Эстонии приблизительно в 1940 году( может раньше) в Сибирь (Омская область, село Цветнополье) где  в 1941 году, родился мой дедТомингас Виктор Юганович, моему прадеду на тот момент было 27 лет, по данным Омского ЗАГСа............из чего я делаю вывод что прадед приблизительно 1914 года рождения. Место рождения и жизни в Эстонии я незнаю — это основная проблема.


мой прадед Томингас Юган (его отец Томингас Ганс).......предпологаю что оригинальное написание такое Tomingas Juhan (его отец Tomingas Hans)
примерный год рождения 1914 год
примерно сослан 1939-1940 год (может раньше)

Можно ли по этой информации найти какие то свидетельства о жизни или рождении моего прадеда Томингас Югана? Куда обращаться, где смотреть? Как рационально провести поиски, т.к. архивов и сайтов много но где смотреть?
Заранее благодарю за любую оказанную помощь.!

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Re: Please help!

Postitus Postitas liivika.mäekuusk » Kolmapäev 18. Aprill 2012, 18:38:04


Do you have joined to Saaga database (church books)? ... 6a332b52ce" onclick=";return false;

Lots of search but it`s possible to find. You even don`t know which area in Estonia he was born? And there are also different name forms.

Good luck!


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Re: Please help!

Postitus Postitas Harri.Värs » Kolmapäev 18. Aprill 2012, 19:22:04

I seeked information for Tomingas and Toomingas Juhan from Memento's book no #7, #8/1 and #11 (*1), but none was found (although there is possibility that I accidentaly missed it). If you could find Viktor Tomingas' birth certificate with mother's given name it would narrow down search. Tomingas and Toomingas are rather common names in Estonia (although not as common as Ivanov etc).

September 28, 1939 Estonia and USSR signed mutual assistance treaty, which allowed some 25 000 Soviet troops to Estonia. In June 1940, when Wehrmacht conquered Paris, Stalin overthrow governments in the Baltics. Arrests began after that, mostly high-ranking police/army officers, members of parliament, businessmen etc. First deportation (some 9000-10000 people were exiled) was in June 1941, just week before Soviet-German war began. Women and children were separated from their husbands. Most of the men were executed in 1941-42.

After June 22 Nazi Germany conquered in two weeks Lithuania, Latvia and half of Estonia (look: ... 941-12.png" onclick=";return false;), but then stopped for a while. This situation allowed Soviet Union to mobilize about 45 000 men into its armed forces (Red Army) from Estonia. Since name Juhan To(o)mingas isn't appearing in any lists, I am guessing that he volunteered to evacuate with Soviets.

Red Army reached Estonia in January 1944, conquered it in August-October 1944. Arrests began after that again, now for collaboration with Nazi Germany. Another bigger deportation in Estonia was in March 1949 when some 20 000 people were exiled into Omsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk and Novosibirsk.

a) Crimes of Soviet occupation in Estonia : deported, arrested, murdered 1940-1990 : converged name register R1-R6, ISBN 9789985909683
b) Communist crimes in Estonia : additional name list 1940-1990 : supplements for books R1-R7, ISBN 9789985991435
c) Estonians in Russian armed forces in 1940-1945, ISBN 9789985991442

Memento #7 is viewable in web here:" onclick=";return false;

With best regards
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